Automatic Precision Surface Grinding Machine

FSG-2048 / 2064ADIV

FSG-2064ADIV Traveling Column Fully Automatic Precision Surface Grinder FSG-2048ADIV Precision 3-Axis Auto Surface Grinder
  • Chevalier’s new FSG-2048ADIV and FSG-2064ADIV machines join our ADIV Series of surface grinders offering two additional machine sizes, along with several newly designed features, including: a traveling column structure to further reduce vibration and achieve higher accuracy, a spindle that can withstand heavy load grinding and a double-V slide way for smooth, stable longitudinal movements.

    These two new sizes, along with the entire ADIV Series, offer several design features to shorten processing and non-processing preparation while delivering high-precision workpieces: iSurface control, variable speed spindle, constant surface speed, smart grinding path and in-machine manual dynamic balancing.

    • Touch Screen Monitor
    • 3-Axis Fully Automatic
    • Touch Screen Monitor
    • Table Size (W x L): up to 500 x 1,600mm (19.7” x 63.0”)
    • Auto Dressing and Compensation (Optional)
    • Cross-feed and Elevation Transmission are Driven by Servo Motor
    • Precisely Scraped Turcite-B on X-axis
    • Spindle Power: up to 15 HP
    • Fully Enclosed Special Hydraulic Oil Tank (Optional)
    • Dynamic Pressure Spindle (Optional)